Micro-Tooth Dispensing Applicator for an Itchy Scalp & Hair Weaves.

Works well with diluted:

  • Shampoo
  • Treatments
  • Oils

Ensures proper cleansing, deep treatments & oil application promoting healthy hair growth because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.


The Weaveeezzz

A multi-purpose dispensing applicator devise ideal for your hair & scalp regiment designed for reaching the difficult areas under hair weave ensuring a proper shampoo treatment and oil application in an effective manner, in so creating the proper environment for healthy hair growth.

Weaveeezzz the One of its Kind, Innovative Micro-Tooth Applicator Dispenser.

Product Micro Teeth Manufactured with a smooth plastic material to enable the prongs to slide under the base of a weave, cornrows, nets & closures.
Product Body The body acts like a pump and a holder to liquid hair solutions and when squeezed it releases the products through the small orifices to either combining accessories when switched, as there is only one opening.
Product Nozzle The nozzle is an accessory for oil application to the scalp, it is small with a long nozzle with an orifice at the tip for easier application for beneath hair weaves and the scalp.