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Scalp Hygiene with Weaveeezzz: classy and fabulous.

When you wear a hair weave install as a protective style to change the colour and texture of your hair for a new look to enjoy the freedom and versatility, the downside is an Itchy Scalp trapped under cornrows, nets and a closure.

The lack of air over time can course a build up of bacteria, fungi and mold resulting in a dry, flaky scalp and an embarrassing odour. Its important to care for the scalp in order to prevent medical scalp conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and sebovheic dermititist.

Poor scalp hygiene can cause build-up when it is not removed an renewed with cleansing, treatments and oil application in order to avoid scalp dryness.

Our micro scalp applicator was designed to specifically carry and distribute these hair care solutions to the difficult to reach areas of the scalp easily without disrupting the style and the cornrows base of the hairweave.

This ensures proper cleansing, treatments and oil application during your maintenance routine of your scalp, natural hair and weave, in so creating the perfect environment to stimulate the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth whilst your hair rests under the hair weave. This is the purpose of our Weaveeezzz & Scalpeeezzz product range.

Warning: Don’t use on a new tight install to avoid scalp injury.

Background: About our founder & more.

Michelle Kong has been known in London as the queen of weave since the late 80s as well as 90s and internationally known as a hair weaving artist and the best kept secret of the rich and famous all over the world. There was never any need for her to advertise as her client base grew very quickly because of her intricate techniques that made weaves look real and flowing whereby making her work speak for itself.

Michelle Kong was one of the first technicians that introduced hair weaving in London. With 30 years of industry experience, starting out operating in the Caribbean where mixed curl patterns and natural hair treatments were the cultural norm, then later moving to London to gain further exposure where working for the award winning salon Pacific Hair Artist in Knightsbridge.

This paved the way for the talented hair stylist, Michelle, to open her very own hair salon Hairforce, in 1994 & shortly thereafter Hairforce 2 in Thackeray st, London. This was later followed up with the Free Spirit Hair Artist spa in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago.


With 30 years of industry experience, hair care is Michelle’s top priority, and her hair weaving technique allows a lasting hair arrangement whereby the hairline remains intact whilst the natural hair under the actual hair weave is taken care of whilst it rests beneath the weave as a protective measure to ensure healthy hair growth. This later gave birth to Michelle’s invention of Weaveeezzz and Scalpeeezzz, the micro tooth dispensing device that applies hair care solutions to the difficult to reach areas of the scalp.

Complete Privacy

Within Michelle Kong’s niche it is imperative that we operate on one client at a time as she deals with people that have previously struggled with and suffered from hairloss, each client gets the best attention, time and utmost concentration. This gives the client time to have the process take place with comfort and privacy as well as giving the operator the opportunity to give their all and take care of the customer in their most vulnerable state whilst the procedure of installing the hair takes place.

Consultations & Appointments

Consultations are private and free. It is very important to get to know the hairdresser so trust can be established. The customer can submit photos of styles and colours desired to ensure their future investment in their hair will be worthwhile. Once confident to go ahead, customers will be able to leave a deposit and make an initial appointment where they can be assured that their time will be honoured and handled with total privacy.

If you’re a shop or an outlet wanting to become a distributor of our product please feel free to get in contact.

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