How to Wash a Sew In Hair Weave.

When you wear a hair weave install as a protective style to change the colour and texture of your hair for a new look to enjoy the freedom and versatility, the downside is an Itchy Scalp trapped under cornrows, nets and a closure.

The lack of air over time can course a build up of bacteria, fungi and mold resulting in a dry, flaky scalp and an embarrassing odour. Its important to care for the scalp in order to prevent medical scalp conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and sebovheic dermititist.

Poor scalp hygiene can cause build-up when it is not removed an renewed with cleansing, treatments and oil application in order to avoid scalp dryness.

Caring for the scalp is essential for the natural hair beneath the weave to grow healthy , therefore maintenance at least once every two weeks by cleansing the scalp of buildup clears the way for the scalp to breathe followed by a good treatment and oil application to avoid the bacteria which can lead to medical scalp problems like an itchy flaky scalp and other uncomfortable embarrassing scalp conditions.

Fill in Hair product solutions and dilute with water to the opening of the body as its easier to reach the scalp and for easier distribution of the liquids to rinse out thoroughly.

Fill about one third of the applicator accessory with concentrated Hair product solution.

Most hair weaves take about 45 minutes to dry, if the base of cornrows isn’t allowed to dry properly your scalp and hair creates the conditions for bacteria growth, mold and mildew, causing an unpleasant smell.

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